7 Black Wedding Theme Ideas

Black Cloth Cotton Napkins

black fabric cotton napkins


Black balloons

The black latex balloons will sure wow wedding, party or events guests. They are available in 10 inches and 12 inches

black balloons

Black kraft paper bags

Black Paper Bags- Available in 6 Sizes

These kraft black paper bags are great to give away to wedding or party guest. They are made of kraft material and available in different sizes

Black Paper Straws

Black Paper Straws

These straws are eco-friendly as they are made of paper so recyclable.

Black Paper Napkins- Personalised

100 Personalised Black Paper Napkins

These black napkins are made with towel paper and can be personalised with a logo, text, or image.

Black Cake Boxes

These lovely black cake boxes are cute, elegant, and ideal for black-themed wedding cakes

Black Gold Paper plates and Cups

Not entirely black but have added these black gold paper plates to the list. This could work well for a black theme wedding with gold.

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